Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Line up

Next Weekend Oct 24/25 will be the first Paws @ Play here at the House. Got a Minor CUP so we are all leagal to go. Should be really fun and low key and that is just how I want the first one to be.

New Pup "Arrodare Ring Of Fire at Zuki" AKA THE STIG flew in from the UK yesterday. He is a handsome little man so look for him in the future.

Starting to work on titles that are needed for USDAA Nationals 2016 that will be held in Arizona.

Everything is great except we really could use some water, come on rain gods give us a break.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good Life!

Oh My Busy Life means HAPPY Life.

One Grandson and one Grandaughter on the way, other youngest daughter just got married in our back yard last weekend. The Agility fields were transformed into a wonderful alter under the oak tree and a party and dinner on the grass fields, it was a lot of work but very fun with lasting memories.

Agility classes are running smooth and students are going off to trials and bringing home awards!
Paws @ Play had its first USDAA trial on April 11 / 12 which also was a lot of work but very fun indeed. Planning seminars and trials for the future but for now will be busy with pups due around June 19th from Wink and Ace, very excited to have some little ones in the house.

All in all life is good and will only get better. Love my furry babies and my students and really love what I do day in a day out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life Is Good!!!

With Time comes Change and with all changes come the  good, bad and the ugly.

Hopefully you get to do what you want in life and right now that could not be better.

I now teach Agility classes in Santa Barbara under my group "Paws @ Play" and also teach at my own private Agility Fields right out side my back door, that is the GOOD.
For the last 8 years I was the Agility Director and Agility Instructor for the Santa Barbara Flyers Dog Sports Club but have now left that in the dust with much turmoil, that is the BAD and the UGLY.

On to bigger and better things.

My dogs are all doing wonderful in agility and obedience and enjoying being out in the country and have 5 acres to run around on. I am working on setting up a stud dog and hope to have a litter in the making before the end of the year.

Kids are grown married and engaged and starting families of their own, I get the title of grandma now.

Never boring around here as there is always something to do.

Getting ready to host my first agility trial next year right in my back yard, very exciting.

Many things in the making

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Time FLYS!

It has been FOREVER since I logged, sorry.

Let me see
Zing will be bred to Inky in April or when ever she makes up her mind. Puppies shall be high drive and very friendly and out going ready for any competitive action or therapy work needed.

Tilt and Ticket are having FUN starting in the Agility Ring and Actually getting Q's.
Tilt was a AKC Champion in Aug. Ticket and Beamer still working on it.

Tilt will be bred after her hips are OFA in April.

Moved from Santa Barbara to Santa Ynez on 5 acres. DOGS LOVE IT!!!

Still teaching agility classes and having fun in life in 2012.

Setting up my own agility fields at the house and plan to have classes soon.
Come on out for a visit!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Pack

Tilit and Ticket were in their first show at Ventura Fairgrounds and did really well for being pups that are just nine months old.
Tilt took Winners Bitch and Best Opposite for a 3 point major!
Ticket took reserve and did very well but still needs to just grow into his body a little more.

Both Tilt and Ticket just love Agility, Flyball and herding. Their Training is going well for both of them. Ticket and I are also attending an obedience class where he is doing everything I ask of him.
I think he will be a really good obedience dog just like Inky.

Inky at the Ventura Show finished his Excellent Rally Title and Zing finished her Advanced Rally Title.

Waggz had fun at the Agility Trial but managed to knock a lot of bars.
I was waiting until he could tell me that 22 inches was to high for a 10 1/2 year old to jump.
I think I will start showing him at 16.
He did come out in second place in the Steeplechase Finals:)

All in all the pack is doing great

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tilt And Ticket

Tilt and Ticket are almost 5 months old and they are having a blast with puppy life.
They each have a built in play mate and wrestle together all the time.
They attend Obedience and Agility practice sessions and classes with me and just love to run through the agility tunnel and then get their tug toy as a reward.
We are working on correct body placement with the clicker for Obedience and also free stacking and staying for the breed ring.
I do not want to work them to hard as a puppy really needs to just have fun at their age so that is what we are doing just having FUN.
They also think that Sheep are pretty fun to go chase after.
I am sure that they will want to continue with that fun adventure.

All in all I am very happy with the way that they are coming along.
They will continue to keep me on my toes!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zuki Ticket To Ride

Mr. Ticket is staying here with the rest of the Klan.
He is my special little man and I just could not let him go.
Stay tuned and watch Tilt and Ticket grow.