Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FlyBall Weekend in Orange County

Waggz, Zing and I had a FUN Weekend racing with the rest of the RDR team at the Orange Crush Winter Games.
Ms. Zing showed me again how much she LOVES! FlyBall.
She was always ready to run as she was the second dog in the line up after Zip who was the start dog on the RDR/R Team.
Zing's fastest time was a 4.0 and I expect her to get even faster as she settles into the game.

Waggz held his own in the ring but was very up set barking his head off when he was just a back up dog on the side line looking in. He still has alot of spunk for an almost 10 year old dog.

The tournament was cut short on Sunday due to the rain that set in so the dogs slept in their jackets all snuggled in the back as I drove home 3 houes in the pouring rain.
It was a Great weekend but I was glad to be home.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dieter Turns 15 years old!

Mr. Von Von Dieter has been Cancer Free for almost 2 years.
Today he celebrated his 15th Birthday posing for photos and sharing his Applesauce Cake with his Border Collie Family of Inky, Waggz and little sister Zing.
Dieter has always been a special boy!
Now in human Years he is 105 years old.
He still walks with the pack an hour every day and believe it or not he still can jump up on the bed and snuggle him self into my pillow.
It is o.k. I will share my pillow.
I just hope when I am 105 I can get out of bed.
Happy Birthday Mr. Brown dog