Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Pack

Tilit and Ticket were in their first show at Ventura Fairgrounds and did really well for being pups that are just nine months old.
Tilt took Winners Bitch and Best Opposite for a 3 point major!
Ticket took reserve and did very well but still needs to just grow into his body a little more.

Both Tilt and Ticket just love Agility, Flyball and herding. Their Training is going well for both of them. Ticket and I are also attending an obedience class where he is doing everything I ask of him.
I think he will be a really good obedience dog just like Inky.

Inky at the Ventura Show finished his Excellent Rally Title and Zing finished her Advanced Rally Title.

Waggz had fun at the Agility Trial but managed to knock a lot of bars.
I was waiting until he could tell me that 22 inches was to high for a 10 1/2 year old to jump.
I think I will start showing him at 16.
He did come out in second place in the Steeplechase Finals:)

All in all the pack is doing great