Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good Life!

Oh My Busy Life means HAPPY Life.

One Grandson and one Grandaughter on the way, other youngest daughter just got married in our back yard last weekend. The Agility fields were transformed into a wonderful alter under the oak tree and a party and dinner on the grass fields, it was a lot of work but very fun with lasting memories.

Agility classes are running smooth and students are going off to trials and bringing home awards!
Paws @ Play had its first USDAA trial on April 11 / 12 which also was a lot of work but very fun indeed. Planning seminars and trials for the future but for now will be busy with pups due around June 19th from Wink and Ace, very excited to have some little ones in the house.

All in all life is good and will only get better. Love my furry babies and my students and really love what I do day in a day out.