Friday, June 25, 2010

Tonka, Tremor,Ticket and Tilt

Puppies are 9 weeks old tomorrow and they are full of you know what!
They really are all GREAT nice pups. They all have structure for the show ring, performance for Agility/Flyball/Herding or Obedience and are really sweet with all people and kids and would make wonderful Therapy Dogs. They have been exposed to many different things in there short 9 weeks of life and nothing seems to get under their skin.

Tremor went to his home last Monday, Tonka is going to his home this week, Tilt is staying here with the Van Hoy Border Collie Klan and Ticket is looking for that really special show/performance home.
He truley is a very special pup in all ways. I will hold on to him until I feel I have the right place for him. I am getting very attached to Ticket so my husband better watch out.

Go check out the photos.